Lineas De Nazca

Lineas De Nazca


Nasca Lines are located in the Pampas de Jumana in the Nasca desert. On this dark plain of over 500 km sq of the Nasca culture drew huge representing zoomorphic designs, fitomorfos, anthropomorphic and geometric shapes and straight lines are drawn hundreds of kilometers walking in different directions. The amazing thing is that these figures can only be appreciated in its entirety from the air, flying over the desert which has raised major questions about why the did.


Our staff will pick up at the agreed time from their hotel and then head to the aerodrome Maria Reiche. Already at the airfield you can see a documentary about the Nazca lines in the language of your choice as we await the order of the control tower for our tours and see the Nazca Lines.

Before starting our pilot would provide them with a map of the Nasca lines and make us an explanation of the aerial tour of 30 minutes.



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